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Struggling With Scratches on Black Paint? Here are Our 4 Prevention Tips

September 2, 2022by admin0

Black is the second most popular car color in the world, and for good reason. When black cars are well-maintained, they glisten and shine like no other. That being said, if you decide to wash your black car at home, you may end up with scratches or swirls that damage your paint job. The best thing to do is to consult a professional car detailer in Denver, CO. However if you insist on doing it yourself, we’re going to share our top 4 prevention tips.

Keep in mind that black cars don’t scratch easier than any other car, but they often show obvious signs of wear. Once the black paint chips off, you’re left with the clear undercoat that highlights every tiny mark. Whether your car is new or used, you deserve to drive around scuff-free. Keep reading to learn our expert tips, brought to you by the crew here at Top Notch.

#1. Don’t Drive Through Automatic Car Washes

Many people think it’s a quick-fix solution to drive through car washes, however, you put your vehicle at risk of scratches and damage. First off, the bristles in automatic car washes are not well maintained or equipped for professional-grade cleaning. Although you might think they scrub away debris, they can be harsh on a black paint job.

#2. Rinse Your Car With Water Before Scrubbing

Even if it’s not visible to the naked eye, your car has a collection of dirt, debris, bugs and grime stuck on the exterior. If you don’t rinse your vehicle prior to washing, you risk scrubbing all of those components into your paint. Dirt alone is enough to leave you with scratches, scrapes or those all too well-known swirls.

#3. Never Wash With Dish Soap, Only Car Approved Wash

If you’re going to wash your car at home, choose a specialty car wash that suits your vehicle’s paint and coating. Non-car soap-like dish detergent can strip the delicate wax and coating of your vehicle, making it more susceptible to scratches and environmental stressors.

#4. Keep a Separate Clean and Dirty Water Bucket

When you’re washing a black car, use a soft microfiber mitt to gently buff the soap into the exterior. Keep a bucket of clean water and a separate bucket of dirty water. After a wipe down of your car, squeeze the old water into the dirty bucket. Give the mitt a rinse in the clean water bucket. This process will freshen up your mitt and remove any remaining dirt that gets stuck in the microfiber. Repeat this process multiple times while you wash. When you’re finished, pat down the excess water with a soft scratch-resistant cloth.
Do you want to get your black car detailed without any risk of scratches? Let the experts at Top Notch do the hard work for you. We offer professional mobile detailing in Colorado for cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Book online today, contact us at 720-687-5564 or find us in person in Denver, CO.

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