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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a unique car cleaning method that doesn’t feature the use of hard brushes or harmful chemicals At Top Notch Mobile Detailing, we offer this service using quality equipment which will eventually leave your vehicle in an alluring state.

In steam cleaning, you can simultaneously clean and sanitize your vehicle. This method will kill any bugs, viruses, moulds and other microorganisms. Here is why you should consider steam cleaning your vehicle.

Preserves Your Car Paint

Often or not, the abrasive materials and hard brushes used in car cleaning can damage your car's paint or even cause scratches. This will eventually distort the appearance of your vehicle.

Since hard brushes and harsh chemicals don’t feature in steam cleaning, your vehicle's exterior surface will remain untouched, preserving your car paint. By the end of the steam cleaning process, your vehicle’s exterior surface will be shinning.

Effective and Thorough

The high temperature and steam cleaning pressure make it one of the most effective car washing methods. The steam is produced at approximately 248 degrees Fahrenheit, making it possible to kill 99% of bacteria, eliminating dust mites, removing molds and preventing them from recurring and removing tough stains.

Eliminating Streaks on Windows

When harmful and harsh chemicals aren’t rubbed off properly from your vehicle, the windows can be streaky. Upon accumulation of excess streaks, the windows may fail to operate effectively.

Steam cleaning easily eliminates the streaks on the windows, making them appear fresh and clean. In addition, tar, wax and other debris are eliminated from your bumpers, chrome rims and moldings.

For as low as $119.99, you can get your sedan thoroughly steamed and enjoy the alluring exterior. Our Eco-friendly interior steaming will make your vehicle feel new and fresh. Give us a call today and book a car steaming session. We are the best in the industry.

We also offer steam cleaning for trucks, vans, and suvs’s.
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