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Hand Wash

Opting for car hand washing is more beneficial than getting your car washed with a pressurized machine. Top Notch Mobile Detailing has qualified staff ready to thoroughly hand wash your vehicle. Here is why you should consider our hand washing services.

Beauty Preservation

Often or not, automated car washing may not cover the whole exterior of your vehicle, leaving some areas prone to paint damage, eventually triggering rusting. With hand washing, there is an assurance the entire exterior of your vehicle will be thoroughly washed, eliminating any traces of dirt, and this will go a long way in preserving the beauty of your vehicle.

Facilitates early detection of any dents

At Top Notch detailing, our professionals can feel your car while washing it and easily detect any dent on your vehicle. A tiny crack on your windshield will be easily noted when your vehicle is hand washed. These early detections will save you from incurring high repair costs.

Attention to Detail

Our professionals will pay keen attention to your vehicle in hand washing, giving it a thorough wash compared to machine washing.

With our hand washing package, you get to enjoy the following.

  • Vacuum interior

  • Wipe down interior

  • Hand wash exterior

  • Debug grille & Mirrors

  • Premium tire dressing

  • Clean wheels and tires

Contact us today and speak to a professional hand wash technician.